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Feel good,

Challenge yourself

We are an ambitious, fun-loving game development team hailing from Finland. The passion for great games brought us together, and we have a vision of games that aim higher.

Our team’s vision is to create games that are intuitive, and challenge the player to improve and go beyond their limits.

We work tirelessly to create games with replay value, challenge, and fun! We develop mainly for mobile and PC.

The Core Team

We love to have fun, but we also love improving ourselves and our games by learning new things all the time!

Surviving in the frozen wastelands of Kajaani has knitted us closely together.

Serafima Jolkkonen

CEO, Producer

Toni Aaltonen


Markus Hyvärinen


Juho Pirttioja


Susanna Raunio


Antti Ruuskanen

Technical Artist

Contact us

Do you have anything in your mind that you want to contact us for? Was it any question, offer or request, let us know what you have in your mind!

The fastest ways for you to get in touch with us are:

Facebook: Biting Mascot